wonder woman

So for ages I thought I was going bonkers….tbh I always thought I had some madness in me somewhere, but then I found out that the madness was definitely attributed to the Menopause. Read my story here on my friend Meg Mathews fantastic website:


Since my story was published I have had women from all over the country writing to me to ask about my experiences…but also wanting to know more about my ‘Wonder Woman- Magic Menopause Mix’. They’ve all wanted a pot of it’s magical powers (ok, more herbal than magical…but it’s been so amazing for me that I feel I can use that word in all truth)

I started experimenting with different herbs over the last year. I always knew I wanted to treat my menopause with herbal/alternative treatments. I didn’t want to use HRT. I’m not saying that HRT is not a path to go down, all I’m saying is that it wasn’t the right road for me. After lots of trial and error I have come up with a blend that has been my saviour!

It has Ashwagandha in it; this amazing product is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing and is used for a wide variety of conditions. It’s usually prescribed as a nerve tonic and adaptogen—an agent which helps the body adapt to various emotional and physical stressors. It’s been used in India for nearly 5,000 years for conditions such as rheumatism, constipation, insomnia, nervous conditions, stress, goiter, joint inflammation, parasites, hormone balance, and more. Ashwagandha helps strengthen the immune system after illness and is a highly effective remedy for anxiety and stress—by lowering cortisol levels. Because of this, it has been an amazing herb for me and my anxiety during the menopause. Not only has it lowered my cortisol levels but it has done wonders to help balance out my hormones..which have been running riot in my body!!

I have also added Maca Root Powder in the mix. This amazing Peruvian plant can also reduce anxiety and depression in peri menopausal and menopausal women, but not only that….it can also help improve memory, increases libido and incredibly reduces hot flashes and disrupted sleep at night! I love this stuff. It tastes slightly sweet and nutty in my smoothie.

Turmeric! Oh how I love this also. Not to everyone’s taste, but when mixed with the other herbs you don’t really taste it in the blend I’ve made. Not only is it anti-inflammatory (which has been great for my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis also) it’s the curcumin in the Turmeric that gives it it’s anti inflammatory and anti oxidant powers. The curcumin helps with anxiety and depression, but it’s amazing benefit is it’s ability to restore brain function…and after a few years of feeling like I have had brain fog and can’t remember where I parked or what the names of my kids are…Turmeric root has been a lifesaver to me! But because the active ingredient curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream however, I have added black pepper to the mix which helps to enhance the absorption by up to 2000%…incredible.

So there you have it: My ‘Wonder Woman – Magic Menopause Mix’. Stay tuned because you will be able to get a pot of your own very soon. I will let you know when. But if you want to know more email me at: janicevee@gmail.com




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