What’s in my smoothie

Every morning this is my ritual: Get out of bed at 6am. I have 25 minutes before my son has to get up. So I usually do a Collagen drink soon after I wake up. I buy the Aeterna Gold Active Marine Collagen from Higher Nature, best to take it on an empty stomach. It’s been doing wonders for my skin! The crepey skin on my hands and neck seems to be smoothing out. I’ve been taking this collagen drink for about 5 weeks now and I can definitely see the difference in my skin tone. I really love this stuff!

After I drop my son then my daughter to the train station, I down one tablespoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water (about 200ml) and then get out the computer and do my 45 minute yoga workout. I do mine online because I am new to yoga and I didn’t want to go into a class and ‘not get it’, it would have put me off and I would probably have avoided yoga all together. At the moment I am doing the ‘Yoga with Adriene ’30 Day Yoga camp’. I’ve already done her ’30 days of Yoga’ and find her videos easy to follow, really inspiring and anyone at any level can do it…..I was not into yoga before, but now I am. I have even mastered downward dog…my ankles can touch the floor!!

After yoga, it’s smoothie time. I am not a breakfast eater. I never like eating solids in the morning, don’t know why, just never have, so a smoothie is perfect breakfast material for me. In my smoothie I have organic spinach, a banana, a handful of blueberries, a chunk of ginger, Coconut and Almond Milk (Rude Health being my favourite brand) and I add a teaspoon of my Wonder Woman – Magic Menopause Mix into my Nutribullet. I love this slightly sweet tasting smoothie in the morning. Sometimes I’ll replace the banana with avocado if I don’t want it too sweet and the avocado gives the smoothie a bit more texture, so you can almost chew it!

I then finish off my morning ritual with Clipper Organic Decaf Tea. I love my tea and since coming off caffeine a few years ago, missed my cuppa in the morning. This is perfect, I have it with a splash of skimmed Goats milk and I am very happy.



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