About Janice Vee

Broadcaster, Journalist, Voice-over artist and Blogger, Janice Vee has been there, done that!! Starting her broadcast career at Kiss 100FM as a Producer and Presenter she then went onto speech based radio stations including Atlantic 252 and LBC 97.3FM. Presenting shows which centre around her passions which include entertainment, places to go in London and searching out the bizarre and undiscovered side of London life.

Finding out where to go and what to do in London, but not for tourists……for Londoners. We love our town, but trying to impress us is hard, so Janice searches and ventures into the depths of London town and digs out the gems that are often forgotten about. Looking at everything from Vintage shops to food markets from voice over studios to hidden parks and places to take the kids, friends, family or other…oh and maybe a pound shop thrown in for good measure!

This blog is about everything I love. Simple as that……enjoy and discover!

jan hat glasses


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