It’s all Greek to me

Love, love, love eating out. To discover new places and to indulge in something exotic and delicious. I love tasting good, wholesome food that has a bit of spice to it (my mum being Goan and my dad Mauritian) When I say ‘spice’ I mean flavour really. Spice can be anything from Cayenne Pepper to Cumin powder and Cinnamon. One of my favourite indulgent places to eat has to be Tsaikkos and Charcoal Greek restaurant on Marylands Road in Maida Vale.

The Kleftiko falls off the bone and the pulled pork is to die for. The owner Xen has made the restaurant feel like his living room…..we are gatecrashing into his world. No pretences and no dressing up to come here. Just purely good, fabulous morsels of flesh, feta, tomatoes, tzatziki and olives. Some Sundays they do a £20 a head buffet menu with all you can drink cocktails. I had Moscow Mules and Watermelon daiquiris to wash down my suckling lamb cooked by Xen’s 12 year old son!

If you live in London, or are just visiting then you must check this hidden gem of a restaurant. But don’t tell too many people……tsiakkos



Tea and Crafting

It all started off with some soywax tea cup candles and then ended up with transforming my friends ropey old pub wedding venue into a fairy wonderland with pure white handmade pom poms!!

Any one who knows me knows that I LOVE crafting. Collage to candles and pom poms to bunting…..I’ll try my hand at anything! There is something ‘other worldly’ about taking up a craft and chopping and changing it until it overwhelms you with the kind of satisfaction that only having a massage with rose oil can do.

Letter-Cutting-Letter-Cutting-Special-V3-300x300Kirsty Allsopp, eat your heart out!

So when I heard about the new ‘Tea and Crafting’ workshops in Camden Lock, I bubbled over with excitement. Oh…what shall I turn my talents to next?? Could it be a paper cutting workshop? Knitting a pouffe maybe? Or even making my own fairy lights? I’m about to burst with creative excitement. I’m going to try ‘paper cutting’ a la Rob Ryan and see if I can come out of the workshop with much more than a mere paper cut. I’ll let you know how it goes. Excitement level is at 10!

The Female Voice

Been doing voice overs for over 18 years now and very lucky to have had some amazing voice overs from L’Oreal to Disney Channel and numerous amount of album ads thrown in for good measure.

What I love about voice overs is the fact you can go into the studio, do your thing and be out of there in an hour.

However when I first started recording the new voice for Vodafone (almost 7 years ago now) I had to record 20,000 employee names! The studio engineer Dom at The Sound Company patiently pressed play and record for up to 5 hours a day over a space of 2 weeks!

Love doing what I do and here’s just a small taster of me in action…..

Queens Park Day 2014

I love living in North West London. It has it’s moments….and one of those moments is Queens Park day, which is on Sunday 14th September this year. I love how the NW10 community gets its groove on and shows itself in all its gloriousness!!

This year I’ll be in the Tea Garden again (along the Kingswood Avenue entrance) with Maple Walk and I’ll be selling cakes, making tea and telling tales! Starts at 12.30 and finishes at around 5.30. Lots to do with the kids, loads of arts and craft stalls and lots of local yummy food. Come by, have a cup of tea and buy some of my limited edition Star Wars cakes!


It’s Carnival innit

history-of-notting-hill-carnivalWhile working at Kiss 100FM I had the privelege of being their go-to Carnival reporter. I spent the weeks leading up to the carnival talking to the costume makers, Pan specialists and interviewing the pioneers of the carnival and understanding the history of what the event means and why it’s so important to so many communities in London.

Kids, families, and anyone with a love for Caribbean culture are in for a treat at the Panorama steel band competition London event. Held in Horniman’s Pleasance Park on Saturday 23rd August at 6pm the big live music event takes place just before the 2014 Notting Hill Carnival. So a great place to go to see the action without having to endure 2.5 million people over the Sunday and Monday.

In a world…..

Being a voice over artist for the last 18 years I’ve seen some amazing studios. Unfortunately because of the nature of the industry, many of those studios are now defunct. There are however many sound studios around London and unless you are in the industry you never know what’s behind a door! Today I ventured into McAsso Music (opposite Liberty’s) and behind a huge ornate door on the first floor is a fab studio run by the friendliest team of producers and engineers I’ve encountered. They always greet me with a kiss on both cheeks and we end up having the craziest of conversations (today’s conversation happened to be all about the new app ‘Digipill’ and the benefits of NLP!!)

McAsso compose, arrange and produce music and sound design and at the moment they have spent months working on the new Toyota ad. Today I went in there to record BBC Regions. I am the voice of about 12 regional BBC stations. Always good to know a fab sound company that are super accomodating.

headphone gal