It’s all Greek to me

Love, love, love eating out. To discover new places and to indulge in something exotic and delicious. I love tasting good, wholesome food that has a bit of spice to it (my mum being Goan and my dad Mauritian) When I say ‘spice’ I mean flavour really. Spice can be anything from Cayenne Pepper to Cumin powder and Cinnamon. One of my favourite indulgent places to eat has to be Tsaikkos and Charcoal Greek restaurant on Marylands Road in Maida Vale.

The Kleftiko falls off the bone and the pulled pork is to die for. The owner Xen has made the restaurant feel like his living room…..we are gatecrashing into his world. No pretences and no dressing up to come here. Just purely good, fabulous morsels of flesh, feta, tomatoes, tzatziki and olives. Some Sundays they do a £20 a head buffet menu with all you can drink cocktails. I had Moscow Mules and Watermelon daiquiris to wash down my suckling lamb cooked by Xen’s 12 year old son!

If you live in London, or are just visiting then you must check this hidden gem of a restaurant. But don’t tell too many people……tsiakkos



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