Gluten Free London

I have been gluten free for the last five years. I am not a coeliac, I just do it for health reasons and have found that being gluten free is a good option for me and my ailments!!!

It’s often been difficult to find good places to go and eat out. I don’t want to turn into the one person at the table that looks at the menu and says ‘I can’t eat anything on here’. I shudder at the thought of being that person. So therefore I want to be able to go somewhere that is easy, quibble-free, no questions asked!

Here is my list of my favourite restaurants to eat out that cater for a wheat and gluten free diet.

1. Leon. Leon website. If I’m in town for a voice over and need a quick bite to eat I always head to Leon. They are a chain of ‘fast food’ restaurants….with a difference. Most of the menu will give you gluten, dairy and egg free options. They now have milkshakes made with almond milk and it’s my new favourite drink. They also have a bunless burger; chargrilled chicken salad and as a treat I will go for the Moroccan meatballs hotbox! Most of the sweet treats are gluten free, so when ever I go there I always buy my Cranberry Bakewell and Better Brownie by the box load. There is so much option for gluten freers. They have restaurants all over London so they are always on hand when everyone else is popping out for a sandwich.

2. Farm Girl – 59a Portobello Road. Everything from my favourite Charcoal latte made with cashew milk and date syrup to an Acai bowl full of organic frozen Amazonian berries with almond milk and coconut shavings, oh and they do a mean baked eggs in a tomato and parsley sauce served with or without greek yoghurt and freekeh! A must if you are in the area….or just make a special trip to go there anyway.

3. Nopi. 21- 22 Warwick Street, London W1B 5NE. The absolute crispness and fresh flavours is what I love about Nopi. Part of the Ottelenghi empire, it’s fine dining with a twist. The twist is that these delectable morsels come in tapas style. You order a whole selection and then get a taste of everything on the menu to share. Twice cooked baby chicken with lemon myrtle salt and chilli sauce is fall off the bone delicious and crushed beetroot with pistachio and goats cheese is divine. Ottelenghi has a way of flinging ingredients together and making it work; like scallops and pork belly with apple and yuzu sauce….who’d have thought!?

4. Farmacy – 74 Westbourne Grove. I had to put this on the list even though I’m in two minds about it and it’s philosophy. It’s everything we hate about alternative restaurants! It’s does have an air of pretension about it, what with it’s ‘Farmaceutical Syringe Shots’ (I had the Firestarter which is made with turmeric, ginger, cayenne and lemon!! Whoo hoo) that actually come in a syringe and you can choose to put it in a shot glass or squirt it in your mouth….I chose the later. I enjoyed the Mexican Earth bowl with it’s coriander sprouted rice and purple potato mash; but there is something about this place that seems to be trying way to hard. It’s a shame because it does have some great menu choices if you are gluten, dairy and wheat free but it just doesn’t hit the mark with me…oh and it will  burn a hole in your pocket….tres expensive!


Please post any good gluten free restaurants that you come across as well, want to check all of them out and make sure I have a comprehensive list going


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