Mad Hatter

I love hats! My whole family wear hats. My mother wears one, my father loves a flat one, my brother loves a trilby and I just love any hat for any occasion. 

Hats cover up a bad hair day. enhance a good one and mostly I’ve found them to be a good talking point to start a conversation with complete strangers. Random people in the street comment on my hats, weirdly I feel more approachable with a hat on….I have more to say for myself. It’s become part of my identity, friends even comment if I’m not wearing a hat; somehow it makes me feel exposed and naked without one. 

Hats can be fun, flirty and sometimes necessary (especially on a bad hair day) 

There is nothing quite like buying a hat that fits perfectly; it has to match your style as well as your head. My favourite milliner in London has to be Jess Collett and her now iconic shop on the All Saints Road W10. You can see glimpses of her fabulous creations from the outside but it’s not until you step inside her studio that her true mastery is unveiled. Jess Collett hats make me smile and when I see one I like….I must have it!

This summer I’ll be mostly wearing a Jess Collett hat with a pink neon strip around the brim; and I’m wearing it not to get noticed, but because it’s in my blood!!!

neon hat

Umm Neon!!

Jess Collett Hats 



One thought on “Mad Hatter

  1. Nancy Yurman says:

    I love your blog! Now I can keep up to date on what the cool people in London are doing. It’s lovely to have another way to stay connected to you. Can’t wait to see you love to all
    “Auntie” Nancy

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